Winning Formula to Online Marketing

LuxHub identifies the importance of expectations from the beginning by being open and transparent in communication. The process and investment to be clear and concise.

With that said, LuxHub will work with you in designing a plan that will help your organization meet its goals, clarify each step within the process while keeping a clear channel of communication.

Our goal is to help organizations create awareness be found. We understand there can be risk involved in considering a new partner for marketing and communications. See our methodology we use when creating custom plans for our clients.

Goal Setting

Our process begins by learning about you, your organization and your goals.

We want to know anything and everything there is to know about you and your company, which allows us to define your market, understand your audience, identify your needs and then create and develop a structured marketing plan based upon your goals.

Client Profiles

Today, online experiences for customers you want to communicate with may not be engaging with general media or print. With the online environment, we are able to speak to people where they are and to have your message effectively in front of them. To do that we need to know more about the people you want to communicate with and we match the channels and language of each media to the viewers.


We start by identifying the online assets that you are currently using. We provide an audit of the effectiveness of each asset based on your goals and current best practice. We identify tools you are currently using such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus & Analytics and request access to analyze.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Social Media
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Google Search Console
  4. Google Adwords
  5. Yahoo/Bing PPC
  6. Website CMS
  7. Website Configuration and Hosting
  8. Email Platforms

We go through each asset and identify three key areas:

  1. What’s Working Well
  2. What Needs Work
  3. What Needs Immediate Attention

Social Media

Get involved. Spread the word. Communicate with your target audience.

This is what social media is all about. It gives you an opportunity to connect with new and existing customers on a genuine, candid, personable level. You can drop the corporate jargon and talk to your audience just as you would a friend or family member. But it takes skill to write in such a way that you engage people through conversation while still upholding your credibility and professionalism.

Our social media writers have a knack for this. They take the time to understand you and your business so as to establish your company’s unique voice. And then communication runs wild as we write, post and create a buzz around your business improving engagement and conversions.

Google Tools

In Google Search Console, we check the existing setup. Then we examine the information about page load times, 404 errors, image sizes, alt text, and a lot more.

In Google Analytics, we look for goal conversions, demographic reporting, dashboard setups, audience overviews, most popular landing and exit pages, best and worst traffic sources, thank you pages, and a lot more. We then setup monthly reporting from Google Analytics to help keep things on track.

In Google Adwords, we look for great quality scores, campaign set up and the use of ad groups and how they are organized to ensure Google best practices.

Website CMS

In website CMS, we seek to identify whether or not we can use the environment that has been built and test for capacity issues. If you would like some more technical explanations, we are happy to introduce our team members.

Email Marketing

Customer connections are important. The more you communicate the more engaged your customers are, which can lead to increased sales, greater brand awareness and higher rates of consumer loyalty.

In email marketing, we look at the platform you are using to distribute your email and analyze current newsletters to see if they meet best practices.


Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make objective decisions to improve your online marketing, lead generation and revenue for your organization.We understand there’s a lot of information out there in today’s digital world. We present simplicity to help you make better evidence-based decisions.

What’s Next?

An action plan that will consist of a month by month, dollar by dollar plan of each initiative that we will execute.

We understand there’s risk in starting to work with a new company. We believe in providing value up front, through this Action Plan, so we can build trust without you having to commit to a large investment before seeing the details.

Our goal is to build long term relationships with our clients and we are excited to begin a partnership with you!

Let's Get Started!

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